Violet Warner Obituary, Irish Girl Guides Member Dies At 97

Violet Warner Obituary, Death – Violet Warner had reached the age of 97 at the time of her passing when the news of her passing was received this morning from Cork, where it was reported that she had passed away. The tragic news regarding the passing of Violet Warner was given the spotlight in the newspapers.

She has been and will continue to be a ray of hope and a guide on the right path for people who are looking for their place in the world. She will continue to be a pointer in the correct direction. This individual is such a force of nature; they are ever-present encourager; inspiring gardener; a generous cook and host; a master of camping; an oracle of history and geography; and an amazing educator of mathematics. This person possesses all of these qualities and more.

This individual embodies the concept of a natural force. This person possesses not only all of these qualities but also other qualities that are not included here. This individual is a perfect illustration of the concept of a natural force in its most unadulterated form. Those who have acquired significant leadership posts within International Girl Guides, the South West Region, the Joint Guide and Scout Committee, or Ventact will be disappointed by her choice to depart. Contact will also be saddened. Gone Home

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