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Tim Ivey Obituary, Death- Tim has been found, but not in the manner in which we had hoped for him to be found. I am thankful to each and every person who made a contribution. I am writing to ask for further prayers to be said on behalf of the family.

Even though there is only a remote possibility of this occurring, John and I decided to bring Tim Ivey with us to Smithson Valley. Before it had been two weeks, he had been talking to his brother on a consistent basis, sometimes even on a daily basis. Since that time, neither his current whereabouts nor his voice has been reported by anyone. In spite of the fact that a police report had been filed, I can now state without certainty that he has not been located.

If you are in possession of any information, we ask that you pray, that you pass it along, or that you bring someone else up to speed.
Good morning to each of you. We are having a benefit to generating money in order to pay for the funeral expenses of Tim Ivey. Our expectation is that we will be successful in raising enough money to pay for an open casket for him, along with transportation, a burial plot, and a monument for his grave. There are bounds to the things that can be accomplished by the military. Any amount given in the form of a donation will be very gratefully received. You are all so thoughtful; I pray that God will continue to shower his blessings onto you.
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