Thomas Duddridge Obituary, Exceptional Producer Of DJ The Prophet Has Died

Thomas Duddridge Obituary, Death – I convey the news of the death of my dear, close friend and excellent producer Thomas Duddridge, who died of natural causes, with much sadness in my heart. Words cannot explain how much of an impact he had on me as a true friend, as my producer, and on the Hardstyle and Hardcore music scenes in general over the last ten years.

Those who had the good fortune to meet Thom understood the remarkable nature and enormous talent that made him a force to be reckoned with. Thomas was a great visionary who changed Hardstyle and Hardcore with his unique kicks and original approach to music. His tireless passion and inventiveness stretched boundaries, inspiring many artists and capturing the hearts of fans all throughout the world, including each and every one of you.

Throughout our hard collaboration, Thom and I aimed to break down barriers by constantly refining the Hardstyle and Hardcore sound. His contributions continue to reverberate not just in our hearts and minds, but also in the hearts and minds of young artists who look to him for inspiration. Let us remember Thom’s pleasure, enthusiasm, and passion in our lives. His music will live on in perpetuity, offering peace, strength, and motivation to future generations.

During this sad time, it is critical that we show Thom’s family, friends, each other, and fellow colleagues our love and support. Let us stand together in memory of our buddy and in celebration of the lasting impression he left on our lives via his music. Let us continue to celebrate Thom’s legacy by spreading his message of love, passion, and unity via the power of music. Thomas, I was fortunate to have known you so well and to have spent the long nights with too much wine, smoking, deep and intriguing debates and talks, sarcastic fun, crying, and laughs, and I will treasure all of those wonderful memories, my dear buddy.
With deep sorrow and genuine gratitude,

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