Thomas Allord Obituary, Plano Illinois, Thomas Allord Has Died

Thomas Allord Obituary, Death- Thomas K. Allard was the one who should have been held responsible for what took place. Thomas K. Allard, who had been a resident of New Fairfield, Connecticut, for the prior 31 years of his life, passed away on October 12, 2016.

after a prolonged battle with cancer. He had spent all of his life in that particular city up until that point. Tommy attended the public schools in the city of New Fairfield during the entirety of his academic career. These schools are located within the city. After starting school there in kindergarten, he went on to graduate from New Fairfield High School in 2003 and obtained his diploma. He is survived by his parents, David and Patricia, who currently reside in New Fairfield; his aunt, Caitlin Andrews; and his uncle, Larry Allard, who currently resides in Acton, Massachusetts, together with his wife, Mary.

His parents and aunt and uncle are his only known surviving relatives. The only members of his family who are still alive are Caitlin Andrews and Larry Allard. David and Patricia are his mother and father, respectively. Caitlin Andrews and Larry Allard are the only two members of his family who are still alive at this time. One of Tommy’s favorite places to be was outside, particularly when he was mountain biking or paddle boarding, two of his favorite things to do in general.

The outdoors was also one of Tommy’s favorite places to eat. Tommy enjoyed being outside as much as he did any other time he could. His frequent excursions into the countryside and along the rivers led to the development of a new passion for him: capturing pictures of the beautiful surroundings he encountered.

One of his all-time favorite things to do was to make use of his camera to get some truly magnificent images of the sun going down. Tommy was highly informed about the ins and outs of the operation of each type and had a real interest in collecting vintage cameras. His laugh and smile were unlike anyone else’s, and they brought with them an infectious delight that was contagious wherever they went. They will remain a part of our lives in perpetuity through the memories that we hold in the highest regard.

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