Tara Cook Obituary, Markham, Ontario, Tara Cook Has Passed Away

Tara Cook Obituary, Death – A ray of sunshine that had been shining on us was transformed by the Lord into a blessing that will be bestowed upon us each and every day for the rest of our lives. This good fortune is going to follow us around for the rest of our lives.

Despite the fact that she has moved on from this world, the light that she brought with her will continue to shine on those who are still here as a result of the light that she brought with her. Even though she has moved on with her life, the memories that we have of her are so deeply engraved in our hearts that we will never be able to forget them, even if she has moved on with her own.

Tara Cook, who had spent her whole life in the city of Glen Allen, Virginia, in the state of Virginia, passed away on May 12th, 2023. She had been a resident of this area for her entire life. Up until that point in her life, she had never lived anywhere outside of the urban region.

She is survived by her mother, Sharon Strong; her stepfather, Jim Smith; her father, David Cook of Florida, and his wife, Michelle; her sisters Ashley Ryan and Kirsten, Felicia, Ashley, and Lexi Cook; her grandparents John and Peggy Strong, Florence Smith, Nancy Cook, and Lawrence Cook; her devoted aunts Tammy, Karen, and Pam; godparents Denise and Jeff Jones, Linda Allison, and Kelli Phelps; cousins Justin, Austin, and Sebastian; and other relatives.

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