Tamieka White Obituary, Member Of Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Office (IN) Has Died

Tamieka White Obituary, Death- It has been brought to our attention by that organization that Deputy Tamieka White, who served with us here at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, has passed away in a manner that was both unexpected and heartbreaking.

We are conveying this information to you with a heavy and regretful heart. Since 2007, Deputy White has been an upright and conscientious member of the public service community who has worked for our organization. We are grateful for all of his hard work in this capacity. 2015 was the year that he left us forever. Her most recent position with our organization was in our Judicial Enforcement Division, which she held up until very recently. She maintained this position until very recently.

She brought joy to everyone’s lives, and now that she has passed away, all of the people who had the honor of being able to call her a friend will miss her tremendously. She was a source of happiness for everyone. Because we want to honor the legacy that she left behind, we are going to put in a substantial amount of work.

The son of Deputy White is the sole one who will continue her legacy, and the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office will always consider him to be a member of the family no matter what. It would be of great assistance to her family, friends, and coworkers if, during this trying time, you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers. This would be a great help. I can’t thank you enough for giving this topic the consideration it deserves.

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