Talia Krumbach Obituary, Beadle Middle School Student Has Died

Talia Krumbach Obituary, Death – This day saw the addition of one more angel to the ranks of heaven. The family wishes to convey their appreciation to everyone who has been there for her and supported her along the way. She is no longer struggling or crying out for help. She was informed by her mother that Miss Talia is now in heaven, where she is reportedly attending a party and eating her face with as much bacon, French fries, and popcorn as she possibly can.

Talia Krumbach has made the difficult decision to transition into hospice care as it appears that her battle against hypoplastic right heart syndrome and pulmonary atresia will soon be coming to an end. Despite the fact that she is just 13, Talia possesses an incredible amount of bravery, strength, and heart as a heart warrior. Talia has been a tremendous source of motivation and inspiration for her throughout the few years that she has been alive. It is incredible that she has been able to keep a smile on her face despite having to undergo in-utero heart surgery before even being born, six open heart surgeries, and more than 20 catheters. It is also incredible that she has been able to do all of this while undergoing so many procedures.

The family of Talia will receive the money that has been raised in order to help ease any financial hardship that they may be suffering and/or to make Talia’s final days as tranquil as is possibly within the realm of possibility for a human being. The family has come to the conclusion that a scholarship fund in Talia’s honor ought to be established, and they intend to spend some of the proceeds to make this happen.

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