Sue Jones Obituary, Former Sheffield RUFC Woman Player Has Died

Sue Jones Obituary, Death- Our hearts were filled with incomprehensible grief as soon as we learned that Sue Maroroa Jones, a former player for the Sheffield RUFC, had passed away. Sue had been a member of the team for many years.

Sue decided to hang up her rugby cleats in order to deliver her first child, Samaria, in June of 2020. She joined the senior women’s division of the club in 2015 and went on to play for Sheffield for a combined total of five seasons before making this decision. The due date for Samaria is June of 2020. One would anticipate someone from New Zealand, such as Sue, to have a deep passion for the game of rugby, and Sue did not disappoint in this regard.

She was a reliable member of the back row who took great joy in making life difficult for herself during the break. Sue extended a warm greeting and a kind demeanor to everyone who was new to the organization in both of the roles that she had, Development Officer and Captain of the Roses. As a direct result of this, the women’s section was presented with the potential to expand as a direct result of Sue’s efforts. This was a direct consequence of the situation. She was very thoughtful toward other people and always had a pleasant expression on her face (along with a tin full of her mouthwatering baked products).

Because Sue was able to create meaningful and long-lasting bonds with the other people on her team, the fact that she won’t be there in the future will be keenly felt by all of them. We are keeping Sue’s husband, Gawain, and their children, Samaria and Daniel, in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this incredibly difficult time. Please do not be reluctant to contact the club chaplain, Simon Ennis, at, or Emily Glendenning at 07989697759, and thank you for your consideration in this matter. Anyone who has been affected by the awful news and feels the need to talk about it should do so as soon as possible.

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