Sophia Johannesson Obituary, Duluth MN, Sophia Johannesson Has Died

Sophia Johannesson Obituary, Death- I had the privilege of knowing this beautiful lady for probably close to 15 years. I first met her and her friends when they volunteered for an event called Women Rock that my friend Bonnie Nimmo and I planned.

Another one of them was named Chelsie Hollencamp. Throughout the years of this event, we have connected with and become friends with a large number of very incredible people, which is of equal importance as the amount of money that we have been able to raise for breast cancer research. People like Sophia.  Our connection remained strong throughout the years, and she became one of my customers when I started doing direct sales. I used to visit her at her home with her friends, all of whom were wonderful people in their own right.

I believe I was approximately 18 years older than they were. Despite this, we had a wonderful time together. I just now went back and looked at our past communications. There was a conversation between the two of us in which she mentioned that she was going to try to convince my daughter Kati to stay at the University of Maryland. How sweet. You could learn a lot about her just by looking at this image, even if you didn’t have the privilege of knowing her. The radiance that she exudes from inside… She was simply a wonderful human being on the outside and the inside.

My heart breaks for all of the people that loved and cared for her. There are moments when the events of life don’t appear to make any sense at all. Finding out about Mom passing away today seemed like it was one of those times. During this terribly trying time, I am thinking about Sophia and smiling as I recall the good times we shared together while sending my deepest sympathies to her family and friends. May you sleep peacefully, my dear young friend? Your physical presence on this planet will be sorely missed.

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