Roy Williamson Obituary, Coleraine FC Club Supporter Has Died

Roy Williamson Obituary, Death – Roy Glenn Williamson, had lived in Belleville all of his life and had reached the age of 83 when he passed away on February 13, 2023. a cherished and reliable companion for the man who is married to Shirley A. Williamson. beloved father of June Perez and Barbara Miller, whose late husband also went by the name Kevin; both of their names were taken from their grandfather.

The grandpa of Maddie Jan Miller, who was played by Joe Agnew, Lindsey Ava Miller, and Alexandra Riopelle, who was played by Trevor. Joe Agnew’s character Maddie Jan Miller had a grandparent named Joe Miller. After he passes away, only his devoted buddies Budder and Frankie will carry on his legacy of loyalty and friendship.

His son Steven Glenn Williamson, his parents Roy and Jessie Williamson, and his brothers Jack Donald (Sharone) and Richard Carleton Williamson all passed away before him. His wife Jessie Williamson also passed away before him. The only member of his immediate family to have survived, he was the sole survivor of his family. Roy was an enthusiastic golfer, he thought it was important to spend quality time with his family, and he was of the opinion that one should be rewarded for doing an honest job. He had been attending the New Faith Chapel in Romulus for a significant amount of time, and the congregation there knew him as a familiar face there.

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