Rosemary Shields Obituary, Derbyshire Resident Has Passed Away

Rosemary Shields Obituary, Death – The National Pig Society would like to offer its condolences to Mrs. Rosemary Shields’s family and friends after learning the tragic news that she passed away in Derbyshire. Mrs. Shields had been a contributing member of the society for a sizeable amount of time and had been very active there.

Prior to their move to Parwich in Derbyshire, Rosemary’s family was known as the Isley Waltons. After the move, they changed their name to reflect their new location. As a result of the move, they came to the conclusion that they needed to change their name. The prior site that she named “home” while she was a resident there served as the inspiration for the name, which can be traced back to its inception.

She has been an extremely important contributor over the course of a number of years to the accomplishment of successfully producing a large number of Welsh Section Bs and Part Bred. She is one of the contributors to the overall success of this endeavor. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of her efforts. At The Horse of the Year Show in 2013, Isley Walton Gold finished in third place in the 12 hh Hunter Pony class, while Isley Walton Quartz finished in fifth place in the 13 hh Show Hunter Pony division. Both of these horses were owned by Isley Walton.

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