Ronnie Trentham Obituary, Ronnie Trentham Has Died

Ronnie Trentham Obituary, Death – We shall be closed tomorrow from 1 to 2 p.m. in honor and memory of our great friend Ronnie Trentham. Even though his death has shattered our hearts, we may take solace in the thought that he has been completely healed and reborn. I’ve never met somebody quite like Ronnie. He was like a second father to me and a great friend to my parents.

He had a unique ability to make you feel valued and appreciated. He possessed the heart of a true servant and a gentle demeanor. He was passionate about serving our community and making it a better place. When I consider how proud I am of our small community, a large part of that pride stems from everything Ronnie worked to achieve for future generations. He kept his calm in most situations, but he never wavered in his principles and never compromised his ideals and values. He was a devoutly religious red-blooded American. His faith shone through in the way he conducted his life.

If you want to know what it takes to be a decent father and spouse, look no further than Ronnie. Kelsey and Kyla will always be my sisters, and Lorie will always be my bonus mom! I’m extremely grateful to have them in my life. Ronnie’s family was everything to him, and I know he was very proud of them all. He truly lived during his time on this planet. Exploring God’s magnificent creation and living without regret. I can only hope to leave a legacy as legendary as Ronnie’s. It’ll be a happy reunion day! Ronnie has crossed the river and arrived on the other side, where the sun never sets and rainbows never fade. His faith has turned into sight!! If that doesn’t make your heart sing, nothing will. I’m not sure what would! Ronnie here’s to you! We’ll see you later, buddy!

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