Roger Reynolds Obituary, Kettering Ohio Traffic Collision Kills One Man

Roger Reynolds Obituary, Death – An accident that occurred on Friday evening in Kettering resulted in the death of a man. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office released the man’s identity on Monday, revealing that he was Roger Reynolds, 55 years old.

According to the crash report filed by the Kettering Police Department, Reynolds was traveling northbound on Wilmington Pike at the time of the incident. At around 7:12 p.m., his car left the right side of the road near Ansel Drive, crossed a parking lot, and collided with a tree. According to the report, Reynolds was stuck and couldn’t be freed without the assistance of the Kettering Fire Department’s rescue equipment.

Reynolds was taken to Kettering Medical Center by emergency medical services, but he did not survive his injuries and passed away there. According to the investigation of the collision, witness testimony and video footage collected by city cameras indicated that the vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed previous to the collision and that the speedometer was stuck at 94 miles per hour.

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