Roderick Cross Jr Obituary, Michigan Car Accident Roderick Cross Jr Died In A Traffic Collision

Roderick Cross Jr Obituary, Death – Roderick Cross Jr. was a lone driver when he was involved in an accident, and he was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision where he was involved. Dominick was the recipient of 100% of his father Roderick’s love and attention, and Roderick was the best possible parent a child could have.

Dominick was the one around whom everything revolved for Roderick. He was everything to Tori and Dominick, and they felt the same way about him. He was everything to each of them. Tori and Dominick have not yet entirely healed from the traumatic ordeal that they went through and still have a ways to go before reaching that point.

Dominck will turn three years old the month after next, and this birthday will be the first of many that he will enjoy without his father at his side to assist him with the preparations and activities associated with the celebrations.

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