Roberto Flores Obituary, Tornado Crash Kills One In South Texas

Roberto Flores Obituary, Death – According to Trevio, 42-year-old Roberto Flores was killed as a result of being “basically crushed as a result of the damage to his mobile home,” which led to his death. According to the authorities, a powerful tornado blasted through a hamlet on the southernmost coast of Texas before dawn on Saturday, causing damage to scores of residences and bringing down power lines in the process.

As a direct consequence of the tornado, the community was placed under a curfew, and tragically, one person was killed. After the tornado, at least ten more persons were sent to the hospital, as stated by Tom Hushen, who is the emergency management coordinator for Cameron County. Two of these victims were said to be in extremely serious condition at the time of the report. In addition, a significant number of locals sustained injuries, including cuts and bruises.

It was stated by the judge of Cameron County, Eddie Trevio Jr., that those under the age of 17 would be subject to a curfew that would take effect at midnight, and it is anticipated that the curfew will be lifted on May 16th. This action was carried out in order to “mitigate the effects of this public health and safety emergency.” In addition, the injunction forbids those who do not currently reside in Laguna Heights from entering the residential areas of the neighborhood.

At four in the morning, the twister hit the unincorporated community of Laguna Heights, where most of the occupants were still asleep in their homes. The community of Laguna Heights may be found on the mainland, directly across from South Padre Island, which is found in the Gulf of Mexico. The county has one of the worst poverty rates in the state of Texas and a large number of homes that do not adhere to the state’s basic standards for living conditions.


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