Robert Oneal Obituary, Coroner Identifies 1 killed in Greenville Co. Crash

Robert Oneal Obituary, Death – Accident investigators have found that a collision that occurred late on Saturday night resulted in the death of one person. The incident was ruled a fatal accident. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reports that the collision occurred on Sandy Flat Road around 9:45 p.m. on the evening of the incident. Sandy Flat Road is situated close to the intersection with Lynn Road.

According to the reports of the state police, a collision occurred between a 2007 Pontiac coupe that was driving north on Sandy Flat Road and a 2011 Dodge pickup truck that was driving west on Lynn Road and attempting to turn into Sandy Flat Road. The Dodge pickup truck was moving in the opposite direction of the 2007 Pontiac coupe.

On Sandy Flat Road, the collision took place while the 2007 Pontiac coupe was heading in the northbound direction. The truck was involved in a collision with the coupe’s passenger side as it was turning, and the coupe was pushed into the truck. After being engaged in an accident, the driver of the coupe was airlifted to a neighboring hospital in a helicopter. Unfortunately, they were unable to recover from their injuries and passed away while they were at the hospital.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office was able to positively identify the driver as Robert Chadwick Oneal, who lived in Taylors and was 57 years old. Mr. Oneal was also able to be positively identified. In addition, the coroner’s office came to the conclusion that Robert Chadwick Oneal was the individual who passed away.

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