Ridge Road Middle School Lockdown, The University City Division

Ridge Road Middle School Lockdown, Ridge Road Middle School is located in the 7200 block of Highland Creek Pkwy, which is part of the University City Division of the police department.

Officers from the University City Division of the police department have arrived at the school to investigate a reported disturbance. While the two automobiles were parked in the school’s parking area, the school resource officer observed that the drivers of both vehicles were engaging in risky behavior while operating their vehicles. After a period of time, the vehicles crashed into an area that was surrounded by trees. The suspects then rushed out of the vehicles and ran away from the location of the accident as quickly as they could.

There is currently one juvenile suspect in custody in connection with this case. This suspect was taken into custody only a moment ago. Officers are investigating the area for a second juvenile suspect who is believed to be involved in the crime, and they have reason to believe that they may have discovered them.

The school was placed in lockdown status, and all of the doors and windows were shut out of an abundance of caution. Any newly discovered information will be made public as soon as it comes to the attention of the Public Affairs Office of the CMPD, which is the agency that is responsible for such matters. This will take place regardless of the time period in which the knowledge was first obtained.

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