Randy Ray Obituary, Man died in his sleep after his health began deteriorating

Randy Ray Obituary, Death – Early Thursday morning saw the passing of the last surviving brother who, along with his other two siblings, was diagnosed with AIDS in Arcadia in the late 1980s. He died away peacefully. According to family members who spoke to FOX 13, Randy Ray, 43, passed away peacefully while sleeping after seeing a steady decline in his health over the course of the previous few months.

“I just feel kind of numb,” said Louise Ray, Randy’s mother. “I think I’m just feeling kind of numb.” “I think that sometimes you get this kind of false sense of security, thinking that he’s just going to be there no matter what,” she said. In the late 1980s, Louise and Cliff Ray were residing in Central Florida with their four children, Ricky, who was 7 years old, Robert, who was 8 years old, and Randy, who was 9 years old, along with their youngest kid, Candy.

The boys were all given the diagnosis of hemophilia and required blood transfusions; nevertheless, it became apparent very quickly that there was something more wrong with them. They discovered that the boys had become infected with HIV as a result of receiving the blood transfusions, and they were given a diagnosis of AIDS. There was very little information available regarding the ailment at the time, with the exception of the fact that it was lethal.

Because of the circumstances, the Ray family was thrown into the spotlight on a global scale, and FOX 13 has been following the developments in their narrative for almost four decades. “When I think back to the beginning, we figured that in two years they’d probably all be gone,” Louise said. “When I think back, I’m surprised that we were right.”

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