Perry Bell Obituary, Arkansas, Perry Bell Has Died

Perry Bell Obituary, Death- After a long and arduous battle with cancer, Gary’s son-in-law Perry Bell lost his battle with the disease early on the morning of May 13, 2023. Cheryl, who is Gary’s daughter, and Perry were married for a quarter of a century.

If you are one of our customers, the chances are that you didn’t see much of Perry around our watermelon stand, but you may have seen his son Trenton, who is the youngest, or Dalton, who is the middle son. In 2018, Perry received the news that he had cancer, and at the time, the doctors warned him that just 5% of patients with his type of cancer lived for two years after diagnosis. That was something that Perry did not hear. He was forced to watch Trenton complete his high school education and earn a starting position on the basketball team for Lyon College Scots.

During the past few days, while we have been visiting with friends and relatives, one thing that we keep hearing is that “Perry was one of the good guys.” We don’t disagree. Perry cherished his family and put in a lot of effort to provide for them. Cheryl was loved by Perry, and he stood by her side no matter what she did. When she brought home a pig, a stray dog, or even a chicken, he didn’t make too much of a fuss about it. He found great joy in being able to watch his children compete in the sports they were most passionate about. He delighted in being able to watch his grandsons participate in sports while they were just starting started.

He was happiest when he was at either his family farm in Saffle or the farm that he and Cheryl had purchased together in Poughkeepsie. Everyone who knew Perry considered him a trustworthy friend. He was the best big brother Mitch could have asked for. Mitch asserted that despite all of the challenging circumstances that Perry had been forced to endure, he had never given up on him and had never abandoned him. This was done by Perry.

Even while we lament the loss of a loved one, we take solace in the fact that our cherished one is now at peace with the Lord. He has been reconciled with his cherished mother, and he has regained both his physical and mental health. In the coming days, we would be grateful if you would pray for Cheryl, Trenton, Derek, Dalton, Brooklyn, and Mitch, as well as for the rest of us who were close to Perry.

Over the past few years, he and Jimmy Bell have engaged in a number of conversations. Their life story included cancer, but it was not the ONLY element of their journey. We are sending our condolences and prayers for comfort as you deal with the death of Perry. I’ll bet he and Jimmy are out in the field working, and as we wait for the Lord to come back, they both have their tractors in neutral.

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