Paul Deans Obituary, Skerries Youth Support Services Committee Member Dies

Paul Deans Obituary, Death – Early on Saturday morning, our good friend Paul Deans, who was also a member of the Skerries Youth Support Services Committee, passed away suddenly following an illness. Paul’s tenure on the committee spanned a considerable amount of time.

We are powerless to prevent ourselves from parting ways with Paul Deans, a reality that has all of us feeling downcast despite the fact that it cannot be avoided. Paul not only made substantial contributions to the establishment of SYSS, but he also made significant donations to the expansion of a wide variety of other community groups and causes. These contributions helped Paul make a tremendous impact on the communities in which he lived and worked.

Because of the efforts that Paul put forth, he was able to earn a reputation in the community for being an esteemed and recognized leader. Due to the fact that he was the epitome of what it meant to be a gentleman in the most unadulterated sense possible, the departure of this man will be dearly mourned by all. We would like to express our deepest condolences not just to his wife and family, but also to the large network of friends and coworkers he left behind who were greatly affected by his passing. RIP Paul

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