New Haven School on lockdown after parent reports person with a gun

New Haven School Lockdown – On Tuesday, students attending the Cooperative Arts Magnet School in New Haven will be released from school at a time that is earlier than is often the case. Following the discovery of a suspicious bag on Tuesday morning, the school went into lockdown mode. This development comes as a result.

According to statements made by the New Haven Public Schools, the lockdown was initiated at 9:04 in the morning and remained in effect for the rest of the day. After receiving the first report that a person was coming into a school while armed, investigators watched camera footage that showed a bag being deposited at a door and then brought into the school. The report that was made to the police stated that someone was heading into the school while armed. According to the authorities who were in charge of the school, there were two or three students who were observed touching it, and the bag was transferred about the campus.

Even though nothing unusual was found inside the bag, the authorities are still investigating it to make sure that nothing was ever removed from it at any point in time. Even though nothing strange was found within the bag. In addition to that, canines were brought into the building and used to check some of the lockers that were located inside the structure. Because of the police activity, our instructors have advised us that class will end earlier than it regularly does.

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