Middletown Schools Lockdown, Middletown Schools’ Protective Perimeter After Vehicle Break-Ins:

Middletown Schools Lockdown, During the early hours of Monday morning, all of the public schools in Middletown were placed in a “soft lockdown” in response to reports that residents of the neighborhood were allegedly attempting to break into vehicles.

According to the information provided by the office of the superintendent, the police dispatch office attempted to get in touch with them at approximately 10:30 in the morning. The superintendent was informed by the dispatcher that a secure perimeter approach had been implemented at each and every school in the district. According to a post that was published on the Facebook page of the police department, the instruction was reportedly given after people with questionable motives were observed presumably attempting to break into vacant vehicles in the parking lots of Spencer Elementary School and Moody Elementary School.

The post was made after the police department received a report that individuals with questionable motives had been seen attempting to break into vacant automobiles. In a statement that was made public by the office of the superintendent, it was said that “We do not question such directives.” “We are extremely grateful to EVERYONE in our schools—students, teachers, staff members, and administrators—as well as the administrators and staff members of the Middletown Public School District, as well as the Middletown Police Department, for working quickly and cooperatively to resolve this situation.”

The Middletown Public Schools have stated that in the event that they are asked to provide security for a premiere, no one is permitted to enter or exit the school building. Despite this, the activities that take place within the school remain the same.

The authorities have not disclosed any information regarding the suspects who are said to have broken into the vehicles or whether or not anything was taken at this time; additionally, they have not indicated whether or not anything was taken. In addition, they have not stated whether or not anything was taken.

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