Meredith Hasson Obituary, Wilmington NC, Meredith Hasson Has Died

Meredith Hasson Obituary, Death- After learning that our good friend Meredith had passed away, we were left feeling absolutely and completely saddened by the news.

Meredith exhibited the ability to enliven any environment, and we knew that we could always count on her to provide us with a good belly laugh when we needed one. She also had the ability to make everyone else around her laugh. Those who were around her were influenced both intellectually and positively by her joy. The loss of her presence at Colour Bar will be devastating for both her loved ones and her closest friends there.

Meredith was a talented barber, but raising her children was by far her most consuming interest in life. It was a fun hobby for her to cut hair. The majority of the majority of the joy that she has experienced in her life came from the arrival of her son Ace. Below you will discover a link that will take you to a GoFundMe campaign that you can contribute to. The purpose of the campaign is to provide support for Ace and Meredith’s family so that they can get through this challenging period together.

Catherine Spry and her family, who lives in unit 88, would be most appreciative if you would remember them in your prayers and thoughts at this difficult time. I am grateful to you for taking this into consideration. On Tuesday, her stunning daughter Meredith Hasson, who had been residing with her, was taken from this world unexpectedly. Over the course of the last few years, she had lived with her mother. At this moment, there is no information that can be provided on the arrangements that will take place. Send your condolences to the following address: 233 Racine Drive, Unit 88, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403, United States.


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