Melton Crash, West Melbourne Truck Crash Frees Schoolchildren

Melton Crash, On the western outskirts of Melbourne, a school bus that had more than 20 pupils on board collided with a truck, and several of the children on board were able to escape the vehicle.

At around 3:43 p.m., the Country Fire Authority said that it was summoned to the scene of a collision between a truck and a school bus on the boundary between Exford and Eynesbury, which is located just south of Melton. There were many persons who were trapped in the wreckage of the vehicles. The CFA said that there were more than 20 children involved in the collision that occurred near the intersection of Exford and Murphys roads. Victoria Police reported that the bus was carrying up to 45 youngsters at the time of the incident.

According to the California Fire Authority, there were six children who became stuck inside the bus and needed to be rescued. According to the police, the majority of the children had been taken from the bus and were currently receiving medical attention from paramedics. In a statement that was released at 5 o’clock in the evening, Victoria Police claimed that “crews are working on removing the last few children from the bus.”

Images taken at the scene show a school bus lying on its side close to a T-intersection, not far from Exford Primary School. According to The Age, the school has verified that some of its children were involved in the disaster. Ambulance Victoria has verified that they responded to an accident in the Eynesbury area at approximately 3.45 p.m., where many persons were being evaluated for injuries.

CFA State duty officer Archie Conroy stated on Tuesday afternoon that there were 22 children involved in the disaster and that 10 of them were able to get out of the bus quickly after the accident. Conroy made this statement while speaking on ABC Melbourne. Afterward, crews assisted other passengers in leaving the truck through the back door.

Conroy said that an air ambulance had been requested because some children were entangled in their own arms. However, the authorities have not yet released any information regarding the severity of any injuries that were sustained as a result of the mishap. Conroy also mentioned that the truck driver was cooperating with the police investigation they were conducting. According to the Victoria Police Department, the major crash investigation unit’s investigators have been notified and are currently on their way to the scene.

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