Marion Bowman Obituary, Conway Bowman’s World of Fishing Mourns The Death Of Marion Bowman

Marion Bowman Obituary, Death – Marion Conway Bowman has passed away. She is now walking with the angels in heaven. My mother died yesterday, at the age of 94. She was an Irish beauty with a porcelain and ivory complexion, a gold heart, and the strength of a lion.

The death of a parent is a moment for reflection, self-evaluation, pain, and joy. Parents teach us from the moment we are born through their words, deeds, and observations of them. Many of these teachings and lessons are replayed in our brains in their final moments; small vignettes of love, happiness, and despair, happy times, tragedies, and redemption. The anguish of losing a parent is indescribable. It washes over you like waves on the open sea.

You’re on an emotional boat trip, doing your hardest to keep your bow into the oncoming swells while holding the ruder firm in the hopes of making it over the top. As I clutched my mother’s hand and kissed her forehead seconds before she died, so many scenes flashed through my memory. Mothers and sons share an unbreakable relationship. It’s buried deep within each of their hearts.
To foster this link, it takes love, patience, understanding, and most importantly, time. If given the chance, this link between mother and son is one of beauty and unbreakable strength. I consider myself fortunate that my mother and I shared this bond.

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