Makuach Yak Missing, Delray Beach Florida Community Search For Missing Basketball Coach Makuach Yak

Makuach Yak Missing – A man in his 30s who wandered away from his home in Delray Beach on Saturday is the subject of an ongoing search by the local police department. The young people who Makuach Yak instructs in basketball live all across South Florida. He was scheduled to appear in a basketball tournament over the weekend, but he never showed up to any of the games.

Tate VanRoekel, a close friend, remarked that “pretty much every negative possibility that can occur in my head does occur and has occurred.” According to statements made to CBS12 News by VanRoekel, he dropped off his roommate, Yak, at their home in Delray Beach at midnight; however, when he returned a few hours later, his best friend was no longer there.

According to VanRoekel, “When I went to go pick him up at eight in the morning, his phone, wallet, and keys were all still in the same spot along with his Apple watch.” According to his friends, Yak is from South Sudan, and while he’s not in South Florida coaching, he works to build basketball courts in East Africa.


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