Lynn Miller Obituary, Hotel Saxonburg Employee Has Died

Lynn Miller Obituary, Death – The profound anguish that each and every one of the members of our team has been going through over the course of the past two days is both unimaginable and beyond the capacity of words to appropriately express it. They have all been dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy that occurred in our community.

It has been challenging for us to go through our workdays without shedding many tears as we try to come to terms with how our beautiful and compassionate coworker and friend, Lynn Miller, could have been taken from us. We have had a hard time getting through our workdays without breaking down in tears. Everyone that Lynn worked with, including herself, ended up significantly better off as a direct result of the amazing compassion and thoughtfulness that she displayed.

In addition to being a wonderful hostess, she is also quite skilled in the kitchen and can produce some delicious baked goods.
Our sincere condolences go out to the members of Lynn’s family, about whom she frequently spoke, always showing a great deal of love and pride. Lynn’s family was very important to her. When Lynn leaves, we are all going to feel a deep sense of loss because of her absence. The fact that she was a part of our life was unquestionably a source of blessings, and there is no question about that. I pray that she is finally able to rest in tranquility for all of eternity.

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