Lillian Osbornehigh School Lockdown, Schools On Alert After Vehicle Slashed—Police Seek Culprit

Lillian Osbornehigh School Lockdown, On Monday, the tires of a vehicle were slashed in a neighborhood in the southwest of Edmonton, and as a result, numerous schools were placed on high alert.

The police are still seeking the person responsible for this crime. According to an email sent out by Sgt. Aubrey Zalaski of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), officers responded to complaints of someone slashing tires in the parking lot of the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre between Leger Road and 23 Avenue shortly after 10 a.m. today. According to Zalaski, the police acquired information that indicated the suspect traveled east toward Lillian Osbourne School, Mother Margret Mary Catholic High School, and Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Elementary and Junior High School.

As a result, authorities were prompted to alert the adjacent schools. According to a subsequent news release issued by the police department, officials notified the schools that the suspect, who was possibly carrying a knife, was heading in their area. According to the press release, “Police flooded the area with resources; however, they were unable to locate the suspect.” “Further investigations confirmed that only one vehicle that was parked in the Terwillegar (Community) Recreation Centre parking lot was damaged, and officers believed that the incident was targeted.”

Zalaski stated that the schools were eventually allowed to reopen when it was established by the police that there was no threat to the general public. He also mentioned that the hunt for the suspect, who is described by the police as a male roughly 18 years old and six feet tall, is still ongoing. According to the police, the suspect was dressed in a loose-fitting black sweatshirt, a baseball cap with red brim, and baggy pants. If you have any information about this suspect, please contact the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567 or #377 from your mobile phone.

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