Lia Readinger Obituary, Student Of Bloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania Has Died

Lia Readinger Obituary, Death –student in the 12th grade who enjoys contributing to the community where she resides, playing the piano, reading, and writing in her spare time in addition to her other interests.

Additionally, she takes pleasure in collaborating with other individuals. She is a participant in the school’s plays and musicals, in addition to being a member of the National Honor Society and a counselor for the school’s Out-of-Door Education program. These performances take place throughout the school’s fall and spring semesters. In addition to this, she sings in the extracurricular choir in addition to being a member of the a capella group, the vocal ensemble, and all of those groups combined.

Choirs not only from the immediate neighborhood, but also from the surrounding area, were all willing to have Lia sing in their organizations. Some of these choirs even traveled to the neighborhood to audition her. Lia’s plan is for her to attend Susquehanna University after she has her diploma from the high school that she is now enrolled in and major in music there. She plans to do so once she has finished all of the criteria necessary for that degree.

She entertains the pipe dream that she may one day make a living as a musician and be able to perform on stage in front of a live audience. Her parents’ names are Timothy Readinger and Marcia Wickham, and they currently make their homes in Richfield and Paxtonville, respectively. She was adopted by them when she was a baby. Their names are Marcia and Timothy, and she is their daughter. She was named after her parents.

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