Leonardo Contreras Obituary, Leonardo Contreras Gone Too Soon – Death

Leonardo Contreras Obituary, Death – One of our KWI family members has passed away, and we are deeply sorry to share this news with you. Leonardo (Jorge) Contreras, our Director of Keeper Wars Officiating, passed away far too soon.

We ask that the whole KWI community pray for Jorge and his family as we struggle to process this devastating news. Although there is much that the world ought to know about this man, if pressed to do so in a single statement, I would say.

He was one of the nicest, most sincere, most generous persons you could ever hope to meet. When it comes to Keeper Wars, he is one of the people who made my ideas a reality.

He supported our efforts because he saw how they would benefit goalkeepers and the soccer world as a whole. Jorge has been a huge help and has never once demanded compensation for his time.

He really just wanted to be a part of the KWI family and have a lasting influence across the US, therefore the only time we had a disagreement was when KWI actually paid him. A glimpse of Jorge’s humanity is revealed here.
With a lump in my throat, I must tell you that you improved not just our firm, but the entire globe, Jorge.

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