Lee Manda Obituary, Missing Woman Lee Manda Has Been Found Dead

Lee Manda Obituary, Death – After the initial investigator ended and closed the first investigation, the family did not stop and proceeded to inquire into mortuaries till she was discovered in a degraded active decay stage in Pheonix.

she was unrecognisable in such a way that, for her Mom to confirm the body on the second investigation she had to open her daughter’s mouth to see the tooth of her daughter’s corpse, and also in Lihle’s belongings, there was her Identity Document in the bag which the investigator (who investigated the scene where the body of a deceased was found) failed to recognise it and decided to write “Uknown” on the case docket which that information was found at the Mortuary.

It has been claimed that the first investigator who investigated and closed the case knew all along because the perpetrator’s phone numbers were discovered saved on this investigator’s phone. It has also been claimed that the perpetrator had an accident, but I’m not sure where Lihle was at the time of the accident. The violation of her family’s right to timely information on the deceased is especially distressing because it was avoidable. Let me express my appreciation to you and everyone else who helped spread the sad news about the woman who worked so hard in life to improve the lives of her loved ones.

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