Kiim Parnell Obituary, Member Of Northern Districts Eagles Netball Club Has Died

Kiim Parnell Obituary, Death- Kiim Parnell, who was much liked and respected by everyone who knew him, recently died away. He was a member of our life club and will be missed by all of those who knew him.

He will be greatly missed, and it is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you that he is leaving. Since Kiim’s daughter first started participating in Nettas, Kiim has been a devoted backer, volunteer, and committee member of the Northern Districts Eagles Netball Club. Her daughter has also competed in Nettas. The Northern Districts Eagles are the team that her daughter plays for. Since she became a paid member well over a decade ago, she has been actively involved in the club’s operations. In 2021, we showed our appreciation for the many valuable contributions she had made to our organization throughout the duration of her employment here by bestowing upon her the honor of life membership as a form of remuneration.

We are keeping Kiim’s family and friends in our prayers as we go through this difficult time. Please join us in doing the same. At some unspecified time in the wee hours of the morning on May 16, 2023, Kiim Marie Parnell passed away in a serene manner. The news of Kiim Marie Parnell’s demise is something that her immediate family would like to communicate with her extended family and friends, but they do so with a heavy heart since they are saddened by it.

At this point in time, neither the timetable nor the site of the funeral rites have been agreed upon. This is due to the fact that the decision-making process is still ongoing. Kiim had an incredible life, one that was filled to the brim not just with a lot of love for his friends and family but also with a lot of adventure and pleasure. He passed away recently. We will never forget her for being a courageous and loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandma, and friend throughout our entire lives. We will remember her that way forever. The memories that we have of her will remain dear to us forever. Everyone will grieve her passing in their own unique ways.


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