Kieran Hornsby Obituary, Kieran Hornsby Cause Of Death

Kieran Hornsby Obituary, Death – Kieran Hornsby was born on June 5, 1997, in San Francisco, and died on April 22, 2023. Kieran’s life was filled with intense passion, brilliance, creativity, and adventure. He moved to Belfast, Maine, after three years in San Francisco, where he grew up running wild, playing with sticks and swords, rocks and mud, and everything else that could conjure up yarn in his creative mind.

Nonetheless, he frequented San Francisco throughout his childhood, appreciating both the city and his rural surroundings. Kieran has always enjoyed music and had the opportunity to play the piano and sing in elementary and middle school. He was a multi-instrumentalist who taught himself to play practically any stringed instrument, most notably the banjo, which he learned when he was sixteen while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Kieran was a great songwriter who left a record legacy, his clear, powerful voice delivering sensitive tunes.

Kieran attended the Riley School in Rockport from the second through the eighth grades. Riley accommodated his energetic, vivacious, and extroverted personality. He was a huge fan of the theater. He performed in every Shakespeare play, musical, and musical ensemble. Kieran also played with the Belfast Maskers, whereas as a 12-year-old he had a smash as the Artful Dodger in Oliver.

Kieran was always on the go, which he poured into soccer races and ripped down the mountain on his snowboard in the winter. He climbed, sailed (sometimes hesitantly), and tented throughout his childhood. During family vacations, he summited Katahdin several times, climbed volcanoes in Guatemala, and the climax of his adventures was climbing Mt Everest’s base camp in Nepal with his best friend, Jack Henry.

Summers spent as a youngster at Camp Forest in Brooks, Maine, where he played barefoot in the woods and learned about wild medicinal and edible plants, as well as basic survival skills, sparked his lifelong passion for nature. His passion for the natural world carried over into his studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, where he merged politics and biology to explore the political history of cannabis prohibition, as well as farm and garden projects in California jails.

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