Kevin Curran Obituary, The Keadeen Hotel Executive Head Chef Has Died

Kevin Curran Obituary, Death – The unexpected and tragic passing of our great friend and fellow employee, Executive Head Chef Kevin Curran, has left us in a state of profound disbelief and grief. His devoted wife, Sara, and his three lovely children, Chloe, Matt, and Katie, lament his passing and express how much they miss him.

We are keeping them and all of his family and loved ones, particularly his father and sisters, in our thoughts and prayers during this incomprehensibly difficult time for all of them. Kevin was a bright spot in the hotel and was ready to use his wit and sense of humor at any given opportunity.

Everyone in the workforce and in management regarded him not just as a coworker but also as a close friend. He had every reason to be proud of everything he had accomplished in making The Keadeen a destination for culinary enthusiasts from the surrounding area as well as further afield. Without him, there would have been no way to accomplish it. There is no question that the team that he has developed over the years can and will carry on his legacy, but the leadership, camaraderie, enthusiasm, and loyalty that he brought to the group will be impossible to replicate.

We will be closed for lunch and dinner on Monday, May 22nd, as a sign of respect to Kevin and to give his friends and coworkers in the hotel an opportunity to mourn his untimely passing. I would like to express my gratitude for your patience during this time.

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