Kevin Crews Obituary, Springfield Man Has Died In A Fatal Crash

Kevin Crews Obituary, Death – It was determined that Kevin Crews, age 41, was the person who had passed away as a direct result of the accident that had occurred on May 1 in Springfield and was investigated by the Sangamon County coroner. The accident had been looked into by the Sangamon County coroner. The incident occurred on May 1st of this year. The accident took place in the town of Springfield, which also served as the setting for the investigation.

On Saturday, May 6th, an investigation was conducted by the coroner, Jim Allmon, and the results of that investigation revealed that Crews’ death was formally registered at Springfield Memorial Hospital. This was carried out in compliance with the statutes and regulations. This data was extracted from the patient’s medical records that were retained at the institution where the treatment was received.

According to Allmon, the preliminary results of the autopsy indicate that the most likely cause of death for Crews was the accumulation of many injuries caused by a blunt force that he encountered as a result of the incident. These injuries were sustained as a result of the incident. These wounds are a direct consequence of what transpired before, which was a traumatic event.

The victim was ultimately hurt as a consequence of the terrible turn of events that transpired, which led to the injuries that were incurred. The Springfield Police Department and the Office of the Coroner are both in the process of conducting their own independent investigations into the events that led up to this occurrence right now.



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