Ken Dummer Obituary, Ken Dummer Has Passed Away

Ken Dummer Obituary, Death- It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you about the demise of my father, Ken Dummer. On May 16, 2023, Dad went to be with Jesus, and he was surrounded by his family. He was a divine intervention.

Jesus and his church family at the Potter’s House in Gresham were very important to Daddy. He never skipped a service and never failed to mention them, whether or not he was physically capable of going. He was in his sixties when he made the decision to become a Christian and devote himself to studying the Bible. Jerry and Carol were lucky to have such a caring sibling in their family. He was a typical example of a baby in the family; saucy and spicy best describe him.

He kept in regular contact with his siblings and expressed concern for each of them. He was involved in the lives of his children and grandchildren. He had images of his family hung up all around his flat, and he frequently gushed about all of the fantastic things that his grandchildren were accomplishing in their lives. He was an avid fan of being outside in nature. Even though he was in a state that the vast majority of people would characterise as being really sick, he never missed an opportunity to go fishing or camping.

It took him a week to pack up his car, and it took him an entire day to unpack his raft and inflate it, but he did it anyhow, and he had a great time doing it. He put in a lot of effort every day. He never once whined about his aches and pains and instead focused on getting the job done. Nearly twenty of his years were spent in an apartment that was located on the second floor and did not have an elevator. Today, his downstairs neighbour related to me how he had encouraged her to carry on with her endeavours.

He took great pleasure in making other people laugh. He made playful jabs and prods. His go-to phrase for beginning a sentence was always “I had to laugh.” He overcame his struggles with substance abuse and mental illness and has never looked back. Anna, the woman he loved, brought excitement and spiciness into his life. Even though she had been gone for ten years, he frequently referred to her and thought about her. During the final stages of her life, he did not leave her side, acting as a spouse who was both affectionate and attentive.

He was cherished by an abundance of people. On Saturday, May 20, at 3 pm, funeral services will be placed at Potter’s House, which is located at 289 NE Second Street, Gresham, Oregon 97030. There is the option to send flowers there. Dad was an animal lover, and he even got to spend some of his final hours with his assistance dog, Bentley. He would be overjoyed to learn that you have made contributions in his honour to the animal shelter or rescue organisation in your community.

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