Karina White Obituary, Member Of Port Lincoln Calisthenics Club Has Died

Karina White Obituary, Death- Due to the fact that Karina White had been a member of the club for such a significant amount of time, all of us were shocked and devastated to learn of her passing.

Karina has been an important member of the committee for a significant amount of time, and throughout that span of time, she has lent a hand with a variety of events that aim to raise funds. In addition to that, she has been quite helpful in terms of supplying assistance with sewing, and she has enjoyed her time spent outside during our camping trips in California. These trips took place in California. When she leaves, we won’t be able to take pleasure in the sight of her beaming smile as she circulates throughout the club.

Shanaye White is someone who has been a part of the team ever since she was a young child and has been active in the club for a great many years, so in order to show our appreciation for all of the time and effort she has put in, we are going to do something extra special for her. This year, in addition to being a member of the Senior squad, she is also helping out with the Sub-Junior team as well as the Junior team. During this difficult time, we wish to express our deepest condolences to Anthony White and Shanaye. Our thoughts are with you both. I hope and pray that Karina, you will find some measure of comfort in the future.

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