Josiah Burk Obituary, Mesa Arizona Family Mourns The Passing Of Josiah Burk

Josiah Burk Obituary, Death – I hope this finds all of my family and friends doing well this morning. The idea that I would have to write a post similar to this one never crossed my mind, but here we are doing just that. On Wednesday night, Josiah, who was my much loved husband and my closest friend, passed away unexpectedly.

Even though we have not yet finished making arrangements for his burial, we have already started making preparations. Josiah is having fun with both our newborn son and our boy’s grandfather, who passed away recently. I adore you in every way, sweetheart. My heart is broken! The only thing I can say is that Josiah, your baby, and we love you very much as a family.

I pray that the Lord, who is sovereign over the oceans, the land, and the heavens, will give you comfort in your time of need. He is sensitive to our anguish and is endowed with the power to restore us to health.

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