John Pfeiffer Obituary, Former beloved Central Michigan University Professor Dies

John Pfeiffer Obituary, Death – A memorial ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 21, in honor of a renowned former professor who had been at Central Michigan University and had recently passed away. The professor had been at the university not too long ago. He had lived there for a considerable amount of time.

John Pfeiffer was held in very high esteem by his fellow employees at the organization during the time that he worked there. In addition to the many things that he achieved during his life, he was influential in the early 1970s in bringing well-known novelists and poets to Carnegie Mellon University. This was one of the many things that he accomplished. This was only one of the numerous things that he was able to achieve in his life. This was just one of many achievements he had throughout his life, which was filled with them.

These pictures were found in the archives of Dr. Pfeiffer and include a photo of him with Octavia Butler (from around the year 1990), a photo of Sonia Sanchez (wearing pink) with CMU professor Dr. Martha Brown to her right (from August 1973), and a photo of Ethridge Knight with Dr. Brown and students from the same month. All three of these pictures are from approximately the same time period. These three photographs were all captured sometime between 1973 and the month of August. You’ll find each of the photographs that I linked to in the previous sentence right here on this same page.

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