John Lockard Obituary, John Lockard Has Passed Away

John Lockard Obituary, Death – A soccer club that takes its moniker from the patron saint of athletes. Because of John Lockard’s demise, the city of Belfast is in a state of grief. John Lockard was known for being the embodiment of a true gentleman and a person of outstanding character, and his death brought this reputation to an end.

At this time, all of his other friends and family members, as well as his daughter Carol, his grandchildren, and all of his other children are in our thoughts and prayers. John was a devoted husband to Marian, who preceded him in death, and a devoted father to Carol, as well as the late John Paul and Liam. Both of his children went away before him. John was predeceased by both Marian and John Paul, who both died before John.

In addition, he was a devoted grandfather to Stephen, Molly, Colmcille, Maisie, and Canice, and he was also a great-grandfather to Aóife and Lucie. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren were named Stephen, Molly, Colmcille, Maisie, and Canice. All of his children, including Stephen, Molly, Colmcille, Maisie, and Canice, were named after him. In 2010, John passed away after a long and fulfilling life. I pray that the Lord gives you, John, the kind of peace that cannot be explained and which last forever.

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