Jacob Slaton Obituary, Cobleskill NY, BJ’s Wholesale Club Former HR Manager Has Died

Jacob Slaton Obituary, Death – There is no adequate way to convey the impact that you made on such a huge number of different people because there are no adequate words. You were and continue to be everyone’s top pick, and nobody can get enough of you.

You will be remembered fondly and indelibly by many people. It is impossible to ever get over the fact that you missed out on all of the memes, jokes, and ridiculous conversations. There is no way. At family gatherings, it will be impossible for Colton to unexpectedly surprise anyone intentionally, lol. You were always sure to switch the lights on whenever you walked into a new room. It has not escaped my notice that you have currently made your way to Disney! I am confident that you will be able to keep an eye on everything and reassure all of us that you are present.

I have faith in your abilities. The passing away of a wonderful spirit yesterday at such a young age and so suddenly was a loss for the entire globe. Jacob Slaton, you have the capacity to put a smile on anyone’s face and improve their day with just a witty comment or a simple action. This is a gift that you have been given. You made us laugh so hard that we couldn’t contain our laughter and started sobbing. Dear friend, may you rest in peace, and know that Clint and his family are in my thoughts and prayers as they go through this terrible time.

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