Ian Hunia Obituary, Member Of Bop Blues Club Has Died

Ian Hunia Obituary, Death- The Bop Blues Club is in a condition of tremendous melancholy after learning of the demise of Ian Hunia, who was one of the club’s most treasured members. The news of his passing brought about this state.

The club, along with all of his musician friends and acquaintances, will suffer a great deal from his passing, and they will mourn him terribly. He will be sorely missed by everyone. In 2017, he became a member of the Bop Blues Club, where he rapidly gained a reputation for being supportive of important causes and devoted to the work being done. In addition to the fact that he is a drummer, this extremely accomplished musician is… During this difficult time, please accept my deepest condolences on behalf of his family and all of his friends.

The realization that this is in reality the case has left me feeling utterly crushed. Because Ian was such a nice guy and because he was such a devoted fan of BOP BLUES, I like to think that he and Rob Gillies are currently creating music together in some corner of the cosmos at this very moment. Rob Gillies recalled Ian not only as a skilled musician but also as a kind friend because they had played in the same band.

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