Hussain Karolia Obituary, Batley Car Accident Hussain Karolia Is Dead

Hussain Karolia Obituary, Death – Marhoom Hussain Ismail Karolia, who lived on Deighton Lane in the town of Batley, died not long ago. Throughout his life, he frequently uttered the slogan “We belong to Allah, and to Him we shall return.”

He is the son of Ismail Dost Karolia and the nephew of his uncle, Fakir Dost. Please, Allah, have mercy and pardon him so that he might spend the rest of his life in paradise. God alone deserves all glory and honor! Hamhu, war! And may you find peace in the paradisiacal world. Please recite three Surahs for Esaale Sawab. Simply affirm unequivocally, “He is one God.”

Allah is the Endurance; he was not begotten by anybody, nor was he begotten by anyone else. He is the only one who can keep on. And there is no one who can compare in any way to Him. We are aware that you have lately begun a new chapter in your life.

Although I will never forget you since you were such a wonderful person, we must now say our last farewells because we are convinced that you will keep an eye on our adventures while we are still on Earth. Those of us who had the opportunity to get to know you are extremely fortunate to have had that experience; you are now in God’s presence. Because of your engaging demeanor and caring heart, you have always stood out from the crowd.


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