Grossmont High School Lockdown Lifted

The lockdown at Grossmont High School has been lifted, according to remarks made by district officials, after police scoured the campus in search of a potential threat to the school’s student population, which was the reason for the lockdown in the first place.

Catherine Martin, a representative for the Grossmont Union High School District, which is located in La Mesa, stated that El Cajon police officers walked the 66-acre campus on Thursday morning and searched around 20 buildings, but they were unable to find any evidence that children were in danger. Canine searches were also conducted with the assistance of agents from the United States Customs and Border Protection during the three hours that the building was locked down for security reasons.

The lockdown procedure was initiated at the El Cajon school at some point before 9 o’clock in the morning. At 8:57 in the morning, Martin sent out a tweet indicating that “Students are safe in classrooms.” In the subsequent tweets that Martin sent out over the course of the next three hours, he underlined that “no students at Grossmont High School were directly threatened.” Martin added that police were investigating a “possible threat” to students and indicated that the inquiry will take place over the length of the next three hours. Martin also stated that the investigation will take place over the course of the next three hours.

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