Gloria Molina Obituary, Longtime Los Angeles Political Leader Died

Gloria Molina Obituary, Death- Gloria Molina, who spent decades serving Southern California in political positions such as county supervisor and member of the Los Angeles City Council, passed away on Sunday at the age of 74.

her family said. Molina passed away at his Mount Pleasant home after three years of fighting terminal cancer. Gloria Molina, a trailblazing Chicana leader in state and municipal politics in California for more than 30 years, passed away after a three-year battle with cancer, according to her family. She was 74 years old. Molina passed away on Sunday night at her Mount Washington home in the company of her loved ones, according to a statement from her daughter, Valentina Martinez. Democrat Molina was the first Latina elected to the state assembly, the Los Angeles city council, and the board of supervisors for the county of Los Angeles.

“It takes courage to be the first woman in the room and Gloria was the first woman and first Latina in nearly every room she was in,” said Janice Hahn, a supervisor for the county of Los Angeles, in a tweet. She opened the door to the rest of us in addition to making room for herself. Gloria Molina is gratefully owned by women in county politics in Los Angeles. Karen Bass, the first female mayor of Los Angeles who was elected last year, stated that Molina set the path for the next generations of leaders.

In a statement, Bass referred to Molina as “a force for unapologetic good and transformational change in Los Angeles” who “advocated for those who did not have a voice in government through her pioneering environmental justice work, her role as a fiscal watchdog, and her advocacy for public health”. In a Facebook post from March, the politician described her fight with terminal cancer.

She wrote, “You should know that I’m not depressed. “I begin this stage of life feeling incredibly lucky. My family and friends are fantastic and really supportive, and I have worked with devoted coworkers and a devoted team. The oldest of ten children, Molina was born to working-class parents on May 31, 1948, in Montebello, California. She was chosen to serve in the Los Angeles City Council from 1987 to 1991 after being elected to the State Assembly in 1982. In 1991, she was chosen to serve on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Until her tenure expired in 2014, she continued to serve on the board.

The Grand Park downtown was subsequently renamed Gloria Molina Grand Park by the board of supervisors. The East Los Angeles Civic Center subway station will be dedicated to the trailblazing official, according to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, of which Molina was a member. The “East LA stitchers” are a group of quilters who have been trying to complete quilts that Molina was unable to finish because of his illness. Molina was also the club’s creator.

In a Facebook post, her family expressed their joy at Gloria Molina’s dedication to the arts, writing: “We will miss watching Gloria the artist, seeing her imagine and create beautiful quilts that tell the story of our Mexican roots, and Gloria the teacher who shares her passion with others so that they too can express themselves through this art.” The statement said, “Most of all, we shall miss Gloria the strong and unselfish matriarch of our family.

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