George Pedersen Obituary, ManTech International Co-founder Has Died

George Pedersen Obituary, Death – Sadly, I learned of the death of a long-time acquaintance. George (BUCKY) Pedersen, from Andersons Beach to the world. The most generous, loving, hardworking, and accomplished man on the planet. One who never forgot his roots or the folks with whom he grew up. From fishing in Prince’s Bay to renting and working with rowboats for Grandma Anderson on Andersons Beach.

George J. Pedersen was a co-founder of ManTech and the company’s Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Pedersen was a founding member of ManTech, which was founded in 1968 with a single contract to provide high-end modelling and simulation services to the United States Navy. ManTech has been providing innovative technologies and solutions to mission-critical projects for the intelligence community, the Departments of Defence, State, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs and Justice, and the space community for over 50 years.

ManTech began listing on the Nasdaq in 2002, with $400 million in annual revenue, under Mr. Pedersen’s strategic supervision. The company has grown to $2.2 billion in yearly revenue now through organic growth and more than 25 large acquisitions. The global professional team of 9,400 people optimises modern technologies in the areas of ubiquitous cyber, enterprise IT, systems engineering and software development, and critical analytics.

Mr. Pedersen’s legacy spans the defence, intelligence, and civilian government sectors. He has received the Association for Corporate Growth National Capital Chapter’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the National Defence Industrial Association’s (NDIA) James Forrestal Industry Leadership Award, for his “demonstrated record of business accomplishment” and active role in “helping to preserve and strengthen the nation’s defence industrial base.” The NDIA chose him because of his “astute business judgement, keen political instincts, and broad understanding of the critical role the industrial base plays in ensuring the nation’s security.”

He is survived by a large number of friends, but most notably by his devoted family. There are three daughters and their families. And his lovely long-term wife. He will be greatly missed. He was a lovely individual!

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