Geoff Postle Obituary, Comox, BC, Retired Air Force Search & Rescue Has Died

Geoff Postle Obituary, Death – I’m still having trouble believing that you’ve vanished. You had the most beautiful and pure heart I’ve ever seen, and you were the most courageous person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always prioritize the requirements of others, including my sister, the girls, and other people, over your own requirements.

You have my deepest condolences, my dear brother-in-law. I am sorry for your loss. We are beyond devastated, and there are no words that can adequately express that. Geoff Postle, who was the best possible father to Sydney and Jessica Postle, passed away not too long ago. He had been my partner for the past 27 years.

Not only was Geoff an incredible person who had a big heart and a tough exterior, but he was also a genuine lifesaver… an energizing coach, a world-class hunter and outdoorsman, an excellent cook, an artist, a musician, kind, gentle, loving, and sexy, to name a few of his or her other accomplishments. Geoff had a huge heart and a tough exterior. He was also a genuine lifesaver. And from the day we first met until just a few moments before he went away, we were completely smitten with one another.

He was a wonderful child, and he showed a great deal of affection for his sister Christie. Shirley was blessed with a wonderful child in him. I simply do not have the language or the ability to adequately describe the void that will be left in people’s hearts when he is gone. I couldn’t contain my excitement at finding out that I was going to be his wife… The gratitude that the daughters felt for having him as their father was beyond their ability to put into words. Geoff, you have earned our respect and admiration.

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