Dunkeld Ontario Car Accident, Two-Car Crash Kills One, Injures Seven

Dunkeld Ontario Car Accident, Accident that occurred on Saturday night in Bruce County and involved two automobiles claimed the life of one person and injured another. The incident involved a collision between the automobiles that occurred at high speed and head-on.

The investigation determined that the incidence took place in the county. At approximately 7:40 in the evening, the emergency services were dispatched to a place in Brant Township, which is located in close proximity to Dunkeld, Ontario, and which can be found along Bruce County Road 3. This area is within close proximity to the scene of the incident. As a direct consequence of the incident, eight separate persons ended up hurting themselves.

At that area, it was found out that one of them had already passed dead previous to the arrival of the authorities, which was a very unfortunate turn of events. At this time, the identity of the person will not be published in order to shield the individual’s next of kin from any potential humiliation that may be the result of this circumstance.

This is being done in order to protect the next of kin from any potential consequences of this situation. A second individual who had incurred injuries that had the potential to end in death was sent to a hospital in the city of London, which is located in the province of Ontario in Canada. This individual was also taken to a hospital in the city of London. Six additional patients were taken to a variety of hospitals and clinics in the nearby area in order to undergo additional diagnostic testing.

Along with the OPP’s Traffic Incident Management and Enforcement (TIME) division and the Coroner’s Office, the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in South Bruce is continuing its investigation into the collision. Both of the vehicles that were involved in the accident were towed away by tow trucks after they were removed from the location of the collision.

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