Douglas Thompson Obituary, Douglas Thompson Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Douglas Thompson Obituary, Death – Douglas Lee Thompson was born on January 12, 1945, in Portland, Oregon to parents James Monroe Thompson and Cora Mae (Lewis) Thompson. He was named after his grandfather, Douglas Lee Thompson. Douglas Lee Thompson was his grandfather, and his name was chosen to honor him. It was in honor of his grandfather, Douglas Lee Thompson, that he was given the name Douglas Lee Thompson.

His grandpa, also named Douglas Lee Thompson, was the inspiration behind the naming of his grandson, who was also named Douglas Lee Thompson. Because his grandfather had died away before he was born, his parents decided to commemorate his memory by giving him the name Douglas Lee Thompson as his given name. Doug passed away on May 13, 2023, early in the morning on a Saturday, in the comforting setting of his own home, with his loved ones with him at the time of his passing. Before he passed away, he was able to spend his final time with the people that meant the most to him.

At the time of the interview, he had already lived for 78 years. The Springfield Methodist Church, which is located at 901 Colorado Street in the city of Springfield, Colorado, will play host to a memorial ceremony on the second Friday of June in the year 2023. This event will take place at the Springfield Methodist Church.

There has been no decision made regarding when exactly the event will take place. At this current time, the planning processes for the service are still being carried out in their entirety. In addition to the specifics that will be incorporated into the planning of the memorial ceremony, the time of day that it will be held has not yet been decided upon and neither have any of the other particulars that will be involved.

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