Demontae Marshall Obituary, Louisville Kentucky Downtown Shooting Leaves 1 Dead

Demontae Marshall Obituary, Death – Authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, announced on Sunday that a shooting that began as an argument inside a store left one person dead and four others injured in the city’s downtown.

Alicia Smiley, a spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Police Department, stated in a news release that officers were dispatched to the scene of the incident at approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday. Smiley reported that four people, two men, and two women, were found injured at the same spot and sent to a hospital. She said that one of the men was in really critical condition while the other three were stable.

Smiley reported that a second man was discovered shot a short distance away and was also rushed to a hospital, where he ultimately passed dead. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office was able to determine that the deceased was a 22-year-old man named Demontae Jakwan Tyreek Marshall. There were no reports of any arrests being made right away. Detectives specializing in homicide were looking into the incident.

According to Smiley, the incident occurred as a result of an argument that began inside a store and continued out onto the street. She did not reveal the nature of the company in her response. The address that has been provided by the coroner’s office is identical to that of a restaurant that serves pizza and pasta.

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